About Us

Arab News Agency (ANA)

with its headquarters in Cairo, is a pioneering and leading establishment in the field of media production, provision of media services, newsgathering and distribution, digital development and TV marketing in the Middle East. Since its inception in 2006, its target has always been the positive and effective engagement with its customers, responding to their needs, proposing imaginative ideas and providing new solutions to improve the quality of their productions.

img-displayIn 2012 the ownership of ANA changed hands to become part of the Future Group for Media and Communication. And since that date the Arab News Agency (ANA) has gradually progressed to become the leading provider of media services and video content in the region. The ANA has consolidated itself by acquiring the services of seasoned professionals in the areas of Media Services and Media Production. ANA has managed to trust of its clients by imposing a high level of professional standards and ethical conduct.

We are fully aware of both the ambition of professional Media Organizations and the technical requirements it demands for its services, and we are confident that, with our committed staff, highly trained producers, competent fixers spread across the Middle East and North Africa, we can meet every standard and criterion required in the various aspects of media services, including shooting & editing video, providing studios, SNGs and a whole host of TV technical requirements compatible with the highest international standards.

Our teams of broadcast news professionals are capable and willing to work around the clock to provide shoots, edit packages, run studios and to arrange availability of SNGs. We can do this in a number of Middle East and North African countries, either at our fully equipped offices in Cairo, Khartoum, Beirut, Amman, Gaza, Ramallah and Kuwait, or through our partners in Jerusalem, Baghdad, Muscat, Doha, Tunis and Islam Abad. Responding to the demands of covering news in a volatile region, the ANA has established a fully equipped

img-displayAnd trained “Flying Squad” that can be deployed to any part of the Middle East and Africa at a very short notice.

Over the two years ANA has succeeded in covering major events in Africa in places such Ethiopia, Equatorial Guinea and South Sudan

We are particularly proud of our facilities at our headquarters in Cairo. We are located in a self-contained building within a much secured environment, overlooking the Nile at Giza and adjacent to a number of diplomatic missions. Although we are a private entity we succeeded in becoming the first choice of governmental, non-governmental, public and private broadcasters operating from Egypt. And in addition to the state of the arts facilities, we can offer graphics facilities, and handle all effects, translations, captioning and music necessary for enhancing the quality of features, documentaries, programs and video news releases. ANA can offer access to a truly unique collection of archive footage about political, cultural and social events across the region.

Media Assistance Services:

We offer a complete range of assistance services in Egypt

  • Fixers/Interpreters
  • Interview Production
  • Hotels Reservations & Transport
  • Visas
  • Car Rental with English speaking drivers
  • Accreditations
Office Space

We offer office space rental in our office. Our Office is furnished and equipped with phone/ fax connectivity and Broadband Internet.

Archives & Research Services

We offer Archives Research services across the Middle East Region, We have a huge archive More than 13000 hours containing images, films and historical material that concern the Egyptian and Arab issues.